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Product Selection & Business Case Preparation

Product Selection

In the ongoing development of medical imaging software and services, an integral part of ensuring the software success in its target market is to ensure that it solves a real business need. In order to determine your needs, a consultative process is required to identify the purpose and match it with the appropriate technology to solve the problem. The most important asset to have in analysing business requirements is the ability to listen to what the customer requires and then translate their requirements into a working product.

Osland Consulting will spend the time with the company directors outlining their specific requirements in order to tailor the business direction and IT solution to match. When business processes are identified as being flawed or not best practice, a process of business reengineering is undertaken to arrive at the optimal outcome for the business. The knowledge and analysis of the local medical imaging requirements and an understanding of the deliverables for such a practice is paramount.

Clinical knowledge and medical imaging business analysis is essential in order to understand the requirements of an integrated IT solution such as RIS and PACS. In addition to analyse the requirements of the primary client, other relevant parties, both intra and inter departmental, require consideration. For example, intra hospital departments such as medical records, accounting and clinical costing; and inter hospital organisations such as Medicare, Veterans Affairs and other software vendors.

Osland Consulting is able to quickly and succinctly explain ideas to people and have them understand the required solution matching your requirements into a technical solution.

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Business Case Preparation

Once again, clinical knowledge and medical imaging business analysis is essential in order to understand the requirements of an integrated IT solution such as RIS and PACS.

Understanding the current costs and the inherent benefits & savings of implementing an IT solution into Radiology is essential for a successful business case to be achieved.

A major concern with most business cases is the underestimation of resources, Disaster Recovery (DR) and future growth.

Not understanding the technical solution (e.g. Hardware, Database and Network) and requirements will often led to a solution that does not match your requirements long-term.

Osland Consulting has proven experience in the completion of easy to read and understand business cases that can be utilised in the selection of your IT solution.

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We are a family business created to assist the health industry in IT matters. Specifically, to translate the ideas and needs of the health industry into 'real world' application.

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Osland Consulting has been involved with some recent projects for Barwon Health, Western Health and Focus Radiology.
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