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Project Management & Review

Project Management

Project Management is often under-valued in the Medical IT arena. It is no surprise that most projects are implemented poorly with governance and resource issues paramount. 

When a product is sold to a client, the process of implementation begins.  No two environments are the same and no two organisations work in the same fashion.  After initial business analysis is carried out, a project plan is developed that encompasses not only the required software changes, but also the building & infrastructure changes, user training, and resource management. 

A typical Radiology system (PACS or RIS) interfaces to a number of third party systems; this requires extensive vendor liaison and scheduling.  For example, a standard raft of interfacing for a Radiology installation could consist of interfaces to: 

  • Ordering and result delivery systems, both intra and inter hospital
  • Voice recognition systems to allow direct dictation of results by radiologists
  • Billing systems to allow accurate account keeping
  • Medical records systems that deal with the storage of a patient’s clinical history
  • Document scanning systems as part of a paperless office environment
  • DICOM modalities

Ensuring that all aspects of the project come together for the cutover to the new system is a demanding exercise.   PACS project times for Radiology installations are dependent on the project team and the department requirement such as Computed Radiology (CR). In order to successfully manage such a project, the specific deliverables and plan must be established and followed. As is often the case, a willingness to perform important tasks outside your project role is essential and may be the difference between a successful implementation and a poor experience for the department and institution. This is a component of project management that Osland Consulting excels at.

Please contact us to discuss your project requirements further.

 Project Review

Project Implementation Review (PIR) is used to analyse the success or deficits in a project. This importance of having your project reviewed can not be overlooked as it often highlights areas that need further development in the future. A successful project can also be acknowledged with the core project plan used by practice for future implementations. 

Osland Consulting is experienced in performing project reviews from a vendor, a customer and project management prospective. Knowledge and expertise of clinical demands, impacts of tight time-frames, and reduced resources in Radiology is paramount in providing an accurate review. 

As an independent third-party, recommendations of “best-practice” scenarios are able to be made as well as an un-biased assessment of the project team and the vendor. 

Please contact us to discuss your project review further.


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We are a family business created to assist the health industry in IT matters. Specifically, to translate the ideas and needs of the health industry into 'real world' application.

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Osland Consulting has been involved with some recent projects for Barwon Health, Western Health and Focus Radiology.
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