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System Management


System Management is an extremely difficult area for a radiology practice. It is common place for the support of a system to be a component of a technical (MIT) or office manager’s role – on top of their current duties. This often leads to a sub-optimal, poorly managed or vendor-reliant systems. 

As “mission-critical” to the operation of your practice, it is essential that the implemented Radiology system be managed and maintained. This ensures that the system can cope with future development, growth, change in the IT arena (hardware, network and software developments) whilst still meeting your day-to-day needs. 

Appropriate system management is also essential for the planning of upgrades (storage and software), utilisation by end-users (staff and referrers), and connection of new modalities. Inter-vendor liaison and reduction in anomalies (ensuring all cases are able to be reported) are also core components of this service. 

Osland Consulting has a wealth of knowledge and expertise on DICOM and HL7 standards, management of Radiology Systems (PACS, RIS and DD/VR), and clinical management. We are also experienced working with various vendor solutions (PACS, RIS and DD/VR) 

PACS – Picture Archival and Communication System 

RIS – Radiology Information System 

DD / VR – Digital Dictation / Voice Recognition 

Osland Consulting can provide the following system management services:

  • Direct system management (onsite or remote access off-site)

  • Statistics: weekly, monthly and annual statistics on the performance of your system and system utilisation

  • Downtime Support:

    1. Manage unforseen downtime (vendor) and resolve issues relating to the cause/s

    2. Plan for and execute required downtime for upgrades or maintenance

  • fter-Hours and Leave cover: When the system can not be maintained by your own personnel, we can assist in providing staff and end-user support

  • ssistance for end-users: set-up of remote access (if required) to your system for referrers

Please contact us to target a system management solution for your needs.


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We are a family business created to assist the health industry in IT matters. Specifically, to translate the ideas and needs of the health industry into 'real world' application.

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Osland Consulting has been involved with some recent projects for Barwon Health, Western Health and Focus Radiology.
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