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Training & Accreditation


Training of all staff using the implemented Radiology systems is essential. This is often overlooked, especially for new staff members that have started well after the system is implemented.  

Osland Consulting is well versed with the creation of training material, documented Radiology processes, and in the development of targeted training procedures that can assist your practice in maintaining a level of operational compliance.  

Whether it is the Radiologist group, the medical imaging or front office staff, Osland Consulting can assist in the training and with the creation of training material (videos or documents) for your systems. 

  • reduced support and maintenance,
  • better understanding regarding the required workflow,
  • better statistical data (“clean” data)
  • reduced anxiety in using a new system, and
  • faster return on capital investment (increased productivity)

The goal is to minimise time spent on training whilst maximising the knowledge transferred.

Please contact us for further information regarding training of your staff and the development of specific training material.


The Australian Radiology System Administration group has limited representation and no formal training other than that offered by the PACS / RIS and DD/VR vendors. Radiology System Administration, as a legitimate occupation, is in need of better direction and leadership, especially in regards to training and the accreditation process. 

Through investigation of the Accreditation process worldwide, Osland Consulting was approached by PARCA to represent Australia as an international board member and to promote the need for accreditation worldwide for PACS Administrators. PARCA is a unique organisation which enables their members to sit the certification examination remotely and on-line, and has developed certification levels that align well with the day-to-day duties in the field.

If you are interested in being an Accredited Radiology System Administrator, please contact us for further information.


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We are a family business created to assist the health industry in IT matters. Specifically, to translate the ideas and needs of the health industry into 'real world' application.

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Osland Consulting has been involved with some recent projects for Barwon Health, Western Health and Focus Radiology.
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